Ladies lets revive the Gentlemen.

There was something that needed to be said, words that could bring life to the dead. Words others had not the skill to accurately articulate.

So a man nobody really knew stepped to the mic and began to say,

“Pretty woman who men use and other women tease, it is not your job to seek to be loved for what others deem desirable. Those freckles add extra grace to your beauty and makes others remember your name. There is no reason for you to hide your face under layers of makeup when a ‘gentle’ man is near, he will see you no matter what you wear. Real men don’t look for the sexiest body or prettiest face, we look for the one who has the most confidence in the crowd, the women other men pass over because her butt isn’t as big as the woman standing next to her. 

You are not amusement for my satisfaction nor are you a decoration that fits perfectly on my arm. You are the foundation that I’ve built my kingdom upon, the  Bonnie to my Clyde, the best reason to be faithful, loyal and honest. You see, your heart is a treasure rarely found and every King values his Queen.”


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I'm the guy who knows what it feels like to love someone beyond comprehension, or the pain of being unable to describe the swirl of emotions buried deep inside. I've learned to be myself and stop apologizing for being an individual, so if you don't think anybody knows I'm sure I can relate.

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